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GM1100 high consistency refiner project is listed in the third technology innovation plan of Shandon

Time:2014-03-17 11:37:29  source:GOLD SUN MACHINERY (JIANGSU) CO.,LTD.  Author:admin

In recent days, Economics and Trading Committee in Shandong Province stated in the [2008]544 file that the high consistency refiner of Wenrui Machinery(Shandong) Co.,Ltd. is listed in the third technology innovation plan of Shandong Province in the year of 2008.

   High consistency refiner is the key equipment in paper&pulp making process, and no company can produce this products and the related technology at present, all this kind of equipments are to be imported from foreign countries. GM1100 high consistency refiner is designed and developed on our own by absorbing the advanced technology from foreign countries as well as considering the actual facts in China. And this equipment is mainly composed of belt type screw feed system, hydraulic clearance adjusting system, diluted oil lubrication and cooling system, electricity controlled driven protection system, pulp refining chamber, motor drive system with large power and supply&cleaning system of sealing water etc. this equipment is widely applied to semi-chemical pulping process and chemical&mechanical pulping process with the material cotton stalk, aspen wood, eucalyptus wood , and palm etc., and it is also applied to APMP and CTMP pulping lines. This equipment has many advantages such as low fiber cut loss, good fiber dispersing, high refining efficiency, low electricity consumption and high automation degree etc.

 The company can greatly increase the investment for the project to be listed in the technology development plan according to national requirements and provincial requirements, and the company can apply the loan from bank against this plan. After the project is finished, identification and acceptance procedure for new product are to be made in required time by organizing the specialists according to “ Application Suggestions on Identification and Acceptance Management Method for New Products and New Technology of Shandong Province”, and this can help to achieve the financial support for special project and share the preferential policy of the full research&development fee.

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