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110M2 Drum washer in BINDAL GROUP supplied by Wenrui Company is successfully put into operation

Time:2014-04-08 09:20:20  source:GOLD SUN MACHINERY (JIANGSU) CO.,LTD.  Author:admin


Processing line for writing&printing paper with 90 thousand tons is successfully put into operation on 28th, MAY, 2009 in BINDAL PAPERS Company of BINDAL GROUP, among which seven sets of 110 M2 drum washer was supplied by our company.

In order to save cost and save time, the material of tanks was cut into forming in workshop of our company and the tank was finished by assembly-welding on site. Supply scope of our company also included supervision for installation on site and supervision&training for start-up of the equipments. Our company bravely recovered difficulties during fabrication process to achieve the success of one-time smooth installation and commissioning and one-time smooth start-up of the equipment.  

BINDAL GROUP is located in MUZAFARNAGER city in India, and it is one of the largest enterprise group, and it includes steel factory, sugar factory and kraft paper& box board paper factory. BINDAL PAPERS is its new factory for its new project, and the paper material is wheat straw pulp and bagasse pulp, transverse pipe continuous cooling process+ coarse pulp washing process+ screening&thickening process+ DE0D bleaching process (ECF) in pulp making process are adopted, and the designed production capacity and the whole process technology is leading in this industry.

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