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Leaders at different level from National Industry&Information Department, Science&Technology Departm

Time:2014-04-08 09:21:04  source:GOLD SUN MACHINERY (JIANGSU) CO.,LTD.  Author:admin


Mr. Wang Jianzhong, Manager of Planning Branch of National Industry&Information Department , Mr. Qi Yongyi, general manager of Career Department of Haicheng Stock Co.,Ltd. belonging to Chinese Light Industrial Group, Mr. Zhang Fenyue, manager of Technical Department, and Mr. Dinghuan, engineer of Planning and Development Department etc. visited our company, their purpose of this visit was to learn about the existing facts of Chinese paper&pulp processing equipments including the production capacity of domestic equipments and running status of factories specialized in paper&pulp equipments, and to listen to suggestions and idea for future development of this industry, and all this can help to make the twelfth five-year plan of national light industrial department.

The visitor team visited our old factory area and listened to the introduction of our company under the companion of Mr. Wang Xinjian, vice chairman of Wenrui company, and Mr. Chen Youngling, general manger of our company.    

All visitors thought that the pulping equipments, alkali recovery&caustilizing equipments of our company are in leading position in China, besides, we have already researched and developed series of equipments and grasped the pressure screen technology in pulp&paper making process, our arrange of technical department sorted by equipment category and our systematic and integrated research institute is very reasonable. The equipment category, technical data, systematic and integrated features are all showed well in our instructions of our products, and our instructions of products can indicate the development plan of our company, however, some other factories in this industry only briefly introduce the products category.

The visitor team also gave us many suggestions focus on the existing problems and the future development. They said our research&development ability of our products and design&frabrication ability had already been improved much more, and they suggested we should establish a national level science research centre to be engaged in the national level research&development project and national new product research&development in order to indicate our own features by fully utilizing our own existing advantage, at the same time, we should be engaged in national standard planning in order to promote our name brand in this industry and in national area. We should enhance management outside our company apart from our management inside our company, for example, we can establish the branch offices in different area to guarantee our spare parts can supply to our customers in time.  

The visitors team hope we should summarize the difficulties we are facing and our suggestions in words, and report this to the branch related to national industry and information department in order to acquire policy and financial support.

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